established track record with hands-on involvement

With our leadership team having worked together on projects for over 20 years, Northridge Capital has experience in acquiring, managing, and exiting real estate assets located in both urban and suburban settings throughout the U.S. Our firm utilizes a hands-on approach for each of its investments with a goal of outperforming original projections and capitalizing on value add opportunities. Northridge Capital offers the following services:


  • Real-time understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends that impact investment decisions

  • Access to real-time deal pipeline highlighting on/off-market deals currently being marketed

  • Strong relationship with key players in the broker community along with market insight

  • Initial and extensive deal underwriting scenarios for new acquisitions, followed by successful facilitation and direction during due diligence and closing

  • Arrangement of debt and equity financing

  • Strong understanding of market dynamics, emerging trends and overall supply and demand in market, thus effectively proposing optimal times of exit for superior returns

  • Executing "Turn-around" services strategies for owners with existing troubled assets or portfolios

  • Structuring Sharia’ compliant investments where required

  • Assisting in developing and maintaining tax-efficient ownership structures


  • Real-time understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends that impact development decisions

  • Develop strategic partnerships with local, general partners with significant local market knowledge, dynamic team on the ground, understanding of the local development/entitlement processes, and a demonstrated track record of successful projects

  • Management of the entire development process from acquisition to exit (including arranging and managing construction financing) with the goal of delivering an asset that is consistent with the original design concept and goal of projected financial outcomes

  • Effectively manage lease-up and marketing processes during pre-/post-construction periods in order to reach targeted thresholds

  • Completion of feasibility, competition and sensitivity analyses when necessary for particular development investments opportunities

asset management

  • Development of asset business plan with targeted projection and distribution schedules, along with targeted capital improvement plans

  • Hiring/supervising onsite management team and delivering detailed operating and capital budgets

  • Administration of leases and tenant build outs

  • Developing quarterly property reports that offer accurate financial reporting

  • Implement cost effective insurance and risk management programs

our process


Align with Investor on Key Investment Strategy


Negotiation of Basic Terms with the Seller


Northridge Assumes Asset Manager Responsibilities


Analyze Acquisition and Development Opportunities


Negotiate Deal Financing (Sharia-Compliant)


Identify Opportunities to Optimize Property Cash Flows


Present Potential Investment Opportunities to Investor


Complete Financial & Tax Structuring/Final Negotiations


Position Property for Disposition at Optimal Exit